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Monday, September 14, 2009

My Homemade Sock Monkey (if you laugh, I will hit you with him!)

As many of you know, my husband and I recently spent a couple nights quietly together making sock monkeys from a kit to give our little girls for their birthdays. Our youngest girl, Tara, turned 3 today, and Chloe turns 5 on Thursday, but we gave both of them one today. This is the monkey I made! No, he isn't the prettiest thing (or even close to it) that I have ever seen, but the light in those girls eyes when we handed them over was priceless! This one went to the 5 year old, and she named him Banana Head (so original, huh?). Jim and I had a great time. They each turned out differently as I varied from the pattern a little bit as I wanted big, round monkey ears, and the kit pattern was for flatter ones. We also chose different buttons for the eyes. We can't help but laugh when we look at these guys! The girls just got them today, and they seem to be a hit! It's from the heart, and that's most important. Of course he was set aside to open real presents, but was picked back up and loved! I have included a full body shot, and then his close up with the vest I added buttons to! He's too skinny, kind of ugly, and a pain to make, but SO worth it to watch 2 little angels enjoy them!


gale said...

LOL! I think he's a cutie! Yes, very skinny and with fat ears. LOL. Sorry-I can't help it. He's great though-you did good and I can see why the girls loved them.

The Mama Monkey said...

He is sooo much better than what I would have been able to do!! Mine would have been the alien sock monkey with 3 heads...

Jen said...

Very cute! I think that it is so sweet that this was done with Jim, too. There is no way Fred would have done it!!

Anonymous said...

I think your monkey turned out really cute.

Jenn Embry said...

They turned out cute. I think it's great that your DH worked on them with you. What a great gift for your girls. You are right, being made with love and from the heart really does count for something!

Traci said...

They look so cute! I love how they turned out! That was so thoughtful of your husband to help you make them.

thescrapmaster said...

OMG it is adorable!!!!

CathyRose said...

What a sweet thing to do. I bet these darling monkeys will be family heirlooms some day! Great job on them!

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