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Friday, June 19, 2009

Look at my flowers!!!

Those of you who know me know what a feat gardening is for me. It does not come naturally to me. I may be Martha Stewart of the house, but past the porches, I am clueless. This Tiger Lily is 3 years old, every winter I store the pot in the garage, and it just keeps coming back every Spring. It bloomed last night, and the blooms are gorgeous! Look at this first picture! It looks like something from a real garden! I am so proud. I am cutting this plant in half after the blooms die to make two plants next year, it's getting so big. This sits in a planter at the end of my walkway.

This is the Lily plant the bloom from the first picture is from. There are several more buds that I hope will open tonight!!!
This is one of the two Hostas that sit in Terra Cotta pots on my front steps. I love Hostas, they are the one plant I cannot kill, and trust me, I have killed them all! I try, I just can't do plants. Well, this year, luck must be on my side. I love the light purple trumpet shaped blooms on here! The other one isn't flowering, it doesn't get as much sun, I am assuming that is the problem, so I put this prettier one against the house so the other could sit on the side that gets sun. Hopefully both will look like this soon!

I know this is totally not craft related, but I am so proud of my flowers this year! Even the Impatients planted in old iron fireboxes in front of my sidelights are flourishing this year! I may do some real planting next year!!!


Traci said...

Gorgeous Tiger Lily! Wish mine looked as nice!

Cheryl said...

Wonderful Naomi! You know that they can be planted in the ground and will come back for you every year. The lily needs lots of sun and the hosta needs lots of shade. Great photos. I am a flower lover also.

CathyRose said...

Wow! The flowers are gorgeous!